J6 : Musau 5 – Ena bad Hoerdt

J6 : Musau 5 – Ena bad Hoerdt

Interclub Team 5  – le résumé franglais, la langue la plus chic…

It was with beaucoup d’excitement that l’équipe 5 (AKA les Mighty Musau Monsters) prepared to affronter another strong team – Enabad Hoerdt – at the Good Pastor gymnasium on a blustery vendredi soir…

First up: les doubles. While Nico and Amine gagnent their DH2 en 2 sets, though it was serré serré, the DH1 était moins easy; Aurel and Laurent dominent the 1st set, perdent the 2nd and conceded the third de justesse à 19-21. Nor was the DD any more détendu for the pauvres supporteurs, who sat through a nail-biting 26-24 2nd set égalisateur avant que Elo et Kat finally won at 22-20 in the 3rd set!

On était donc à 2-1 pour la 5 (AKA Vero’s Vicious Vainqueurs) quand on began the singles matches, yet une tragédie was to frapper the Hoerdt team when Vincent Jung gave un cri de douleur and tombe during his first SH2 set contre Amine. While les pompiers took charge of what looked like a déchirement of his ligaments croisés, the other men’s singles reprenaient. Both Nico and Steve had no soucis, winning their singles in 2 sets malgré both coming dangereusement close to losing their 2nd sets, and the SD was lancé with the score déjà at 5-1.

Encore une fois un match atrocement close-fought, the SD ended in victoire pour Hoerdt at 21-23 in the 3rd set, malgré Kat being coached by Gilles between sets. Meanwhile, si les supporteurs were hoping for a bon match spectaculaire in the mixed doubles, they weren’t déçus – Elo and Laurent font 3 exhausting sets that malheureusement just came short of victory – 19-21, 21-19 and 17-21. The score finale was 5-3, a score that guère reflects how close each match was.

Après such a stressful rencontre, we were all bien heureux to dig into the pot of bières, bretzels et cupcakes, rapidement disappearing thanks to certain squatteurs (looking at you JP!). Merci to all the team and ceux qui venaient pour coacher et prendre des photos (Joel). Next time I’ll have to bring deux fois plus de cupcakes!