J8 : Musau 5 – Hautepierre

J8 : Musau 5 – Hautepierre

8-0 for Team 5 – Badminton Bad-asses!

Coming in from the cold outside, Interclub 8 started off with a few surprises for Team 5 as they learned that some of Hautepierre’s players were absent, meaning a vast change in composition and expectations – especially for the men!

They didn’t fail to seize their chance – with both Men’s Doubles ending in decisive 2-0 victories – despite Heyritz’s famous ice-rink floors!

Meanwhile, the fiercely-fought Ladies’ Doubles went to 3 sets, with Musau finally dominating their experienced Hautepierre opponents.

As the singles got underway, Musau were already 3-0 up, and we weren’t ready to give away even one set. Denied the chance for vengeance against Corentin, Nico settled for winning his Mens Singles 1 in two sets, with JP and Alexis following his lead, slipping and sliding their way to quick wins. After a small setback in the beginning of her second set (and some stern words from her captain!), Morgane also came away with a 2-0 win, taking the overall score to 7-0!

No pressure, then, for the mixed doubles – and thank god, for there was pressure enough on the court! After only just winning the first set, Aurel and Kat lost the second, despite a strong recovery from being 4 points behind at the beginning. The tension was high, then, in the third set, which went to 24-23 before a (terrible) service from Kat surprised the opponent so much he missed! Ace!

We celebrated our 8-0 victory with a special birthday buffet for Nico (happy birthday!) complete with sparkling wine and Alexis’ famous magret. Great food, great fun, and confirmation that Team 5 are OFFICIALLY THE BEST!